Montana's Public Water Access is a key right for all citizens. We'll learn more about its challenges to protect this resource, Friday June 9 at Eagle Mount and on Zoom.

    A Look at Public Land and Water Access Issues in Montana. We'll hear about the history of public access issues in Montana, current challenges and opportunities, and the importance of public lands and waters to Montana’s outdoor heritage, economy, and modern identity. See you Friday June 9 at 6:45am in-person and on Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 880 5065 2943, Passcode: 154127
Or dial:  1 253 215 8782
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June 6 - Leslie McCleary and Sue Higgins
June 13 - Uli Staerk and ???
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June 9 - Joe Souther
June 16 - open
June 23 - Bob Bell
New Member Reading - 2nd Reading
Proposed:  Vickie Saab, classification: Research Biologist, Proposed by: Barbara Prescott
Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony June 29
  Let us all enjoy an evening together to celebrate the achievements of Robb Miller and his board at this annual gala, starting at 6:00pm at Riverside Country Club. Awards to be given include the Doug Alexander "Let's Just Do It" and Rotarian of the Year honors. Dinner pricing and details can be found here

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ONE HOST FAMILY NEEDED for the Winter Months of 2023-24 school year (Thanksgiving to spring break)

   Rotary Youth Exchange allows our local families to house and enjoy the culture of a young woman (for us she is 16 and coming from Germany). The time period we need the family is roughly Thanksgiving 2023 through mid March 2024.

Our student would be attending Bozeman High school, but the family can reside in either high school district for those months.  Host families do not have to be Rotary members, though we prefer a family with kids still at home going to school (any ages are fine).

If you know someone in your family, friends, or community group, please do not hesitate to talk to them and send them my way!

For more questions/answers, please get in touch with me:

News From Glen Lake Rotary Park committee
The initial road building bid that took place in February did not yield a suitable and affordable option for the city, so they re-designed the structure and will:
  • Put it back out to bid (advertising it publicly) on May 20 and 27
  • Offer a Pre-bid Meeting: June 1
  • Bid Opening: June 8
  • Bid Award on City Commission Agenda: June 27
Hopefully we have a new road completed before winter
Gene and Laura Kuntz were part of this crowd in Melbourne Australia at the Rotary International Convention last week
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Meals on Wheels Delivery
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Nov 01, 2023
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Nov 06, 2023
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