-Field Trip!-

TEA Fellows Event

This THURSDAY October 12th at Inspiration Hall in the Norm Asbjornson building at MSU

We're hitting the road and sleeping in the following day! Come join us at Inspiration Hall in the Norm Asbjornson building at MSU for an evening of light bites, refreshments, and the wonderfully inspiring crew of TEA Fellows! What is a TEA Fellow you may ask? Come hear all about it this Thursday evening. Reminder: This gathering is in lieu of our regular Friday morning meeting. Also, heads up there is quite the cluster of road construction around the building this event takes place in. Plan accordingly. 

See you THURSDAY October 12th at 5:47PM in-person.

-Fix-Up Festival!-
What a day of Neighbors Helping Neighbors! Due to wonderful crews of volunteers from our club and around the community, Fix-Up-Festival was a smashing success, with beautiful weather to boot! HUGE thank you to the Fix-Up-Festival Committee for orchestrating a million moving pieces to have the day go off without a hitch. 
Request: If you receive the newspaper in the mail, please clip out the ad placed to thank the sponsors and bring the clipping to our next meeting. 
-Beaver Battalion-
The Beaver Battalion is still taking up arms against the recurring beaver dam under the bridge at Glen Lake Rotary Park. We are looking for people to help clear it out. For more info and to sign-up: **CLICK HERE** 
-Those Shoes Were Made for Walkin'-
The Holiday Auction Committee is looking for a few individuals to take an assigned small area to canvass for silent auction items. Silent auction items brings in 30% of the Holiday Auction proceeds. Also, you don't have to walk. You can get a coffee and drive around if you so please. 
Interested? Contact Bob Wiersma. 
-How Bout Them Bobcats?-
A sign-up will be passed around the meetings following Fix-Up Festival for those who wish to attend the November 11th Bobcat Game with fellow Rotarians. Tickets will be $25/person and you can sign-up for 1-2 tickets. Go Cats Go!
-Thank You from I Ho!-
If you were at last week's meeting you were fortunate to hear a heartfelt thank you from I Ho herself. She appreciates everyone's thoughts, prayers, and meals from the past three months. She was overflowing with gratitude and optimism. Thank you to all that contributed to I Ho's recovery and trip to Korea!
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Ongoing Service Opportunities:
BSRC Service | Meals on Wheels Sign-Up
Tuesday Sign-Up Link *click here*
October 10- Gene Gaines and __OPEN__
October 17- Anne Keith and Marilyn Keith
October 24- Uli Staerk and __OPEN__
October 31- __OPEN__ and __OPEN__
Beep Beep! Thank you drivers and co-pilots!
BSRC Service | Greeter + Inspiration
Greeter + Inspiration Sign-Up Link *click here*
October 20- __OPEN__
October 27- __OPEN__
Your smile at the door and your inspiring words are appreciated!
Out of Town? Miss a Meeting?
BSRC Misc. | Attendance + Meeting Make-ups 
If you cannot attend our weekly Friday gathering, learn of the make-up opportunities and our attendance guidelines by visiting this page on our website. 
Proposing a New Member:
BSRC Misc. | Proposing Candidate for Membership
To Propose a candidate for membership *click here*
For a list of classifications *click here*
BSRC Misc. | Weekly Newsletter Deadline
Please send any material you would like included in the weekly newsletter by Friday at 12:00 pm to Katie Capp via the website's internal email messaging or katiecapp@gmail.com. Please include the word "bulletin" in your subject line.
   Thanks for Reading! Have a Great Week!
Now for some Rotary Trivia:
  • Answer from Last Week: There are 1.4 million members worldwide. There are 33,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries around the world. Rotary International is headquartered in Evanston, Illinois and has six international offices: Brazil, Switzerland (Europe/Africa), Japan, Korea, India (South Asia), Australia (South Pacific and Philippines). Use the Rotary Club Finder next time you travel to check out local clubs around the world!
  • This week's Rotary Trivia Q: From our field trip this week, who/what are TEA Fellows AND how do they align with the pillars of Rotary?
  • Answer: _____ (find out next week + a lil related tidbit) 
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